Paul Turano: Project Director, Sound and Image gatherer, Primary Content Editor

Paul Turano is an award winning visual artist whose work in film and video has been presented throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. Based in Boston, he has presented his work at the Harvard Film Archive, the Institute of Contemporary Art and The Museum of Fine Arts and his films have been screened in over 50 national and international film festivals. His work explores our relationship to natural environments in both local and global ways and walking has always provided a way to experience landscape as a creative catalyst.


Sarah Ginsburg: Sound and Image gatherer, Content Editor, Outreach

Sarah Ginsburg is a documentary filmmaker who graduated from Emerson College in 2011. She is fascinated by the overlooked and challenges herself to illuminate even the tiniest ingredients of our culture and environment. Her short documentary, 10,000 Trees (2012), has screened at film festivals across the country and received Maria Menounos’ Take Action Hollywood! Award at Emerson’s LA Showcase. Sarah currently devotes her time to several Boston-based documentary projects that tell significant stories and engage audiences in unconventional ways.


Meredith Lobsinger: Sound and Image Gatherer, Content Editor, Outreach Coordinator

Meredith is a documentary filmmaker based in Boston. She has also teamed with the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy as their Outreach and Communication Coordinator. After more than a decade working as an outdoor educator, sharing her passion for the natural world, Meredith has turned her focused to capturing that world, evoking questions that consider the relationship between natural spaces, people, and today’s technology.


Jeff Soyk: Designer, Information Architect and Technology Consultant

Jeff Soyk is an award-winning media artist with experience in new media design, motion design, animation, photography and film/video. His passion for meaningful storytelling and multiple mediums has lead him to interactive documentary, as he recognizes the potential for engaging transmedia experiences that create a positive and lasting impact. He strives to work on projects that explore the possibilities of modern media and address important social issues. Soyk has a B.F.A. in New Media Design from Rochester Institute of Technology and an M.F.A. in Visual and Media Art from Emerson College.


Matthew McWilliams: Mobile Developer

Matt is an artist living in Boston. He makes films and works writing software. He received his BFA from Emerson College on ’09 for Film Production. An advocate of open source software and hardware in cinema, he builds software for filmmakers and designs 3D-printable equipment. Matt can be found on his bike or in the Arboretum or both.


Asher Coffield: Grant and Education Coordinator, Social Media

Asher is an experimental filmmaker and installation artist currently residing in the Boston area. She is a graduate student at Emerson College studying to get her MFA in Media Art. She received a BA in Cinema and Digital Arts from Point Park University, with a concentration in Directing and a minor in Photography. She has been doing nonprofit video work for over six years. During her days off she enjoys running around and taking pictures of Jamaica Pond.


Heather Hoglund: Project Management Assistant, Ambassador Program Coordinator

Heather graduated from Emerson College in 2013. She is currently a freelance documentary filmmaker in Boston. Her senior thesis project, The Strong People, documenting the largest dam removal in United States History, has picked up numerous accolades at film festivals and events worldwide. Heather’s passion lies in creating cross platform projects concerning environmental issues. An avid runner and cyclist in the city, your only chance of seeing her is in brief glimpses as she zips around the city to her next destination.


Bryan Lawver: Text Editor, Prompts Coordinator

Bryan is a freelance writer and editor based in Pittsburgh. Much of his writing concerns sustainability, green construction, and our relationships with natural and built environments. Bryan holds a B.A. in photojournalism from Point Park University, and an M.A. in publishing and writing from Emerson College. When in Boston, he’s most likely spending time at Jamaica Pond.


Maria McGlade: Special Projects Coordinator

Maria explores various social issues through her art, spanning across multiple media. She currently studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, where during her lunch breaks she likes to sit with the cantankerous geese that congregate around the Muddy River across the street. Originally from Virginia, she is continuously kept on her toes by the weather that Boston living brings!