Wander, Wonder, Wilderness is a multi-platform interactive documentary project that explores relationships between humans, community, and nature and highlights the potential impact of urban wilds and green spaces as an antidote to our de-natured lives. It tells the story of urban revitalization and renewal in greater Boston through the creative expression of its participants. The essay film examines a range of ideas around landscape, evolving notions of wilderness, historical layers of human experience with nature and its resources, and personal meditations on the environment – illuminating the potential for restoring a symbiotic ecological balance. Companion components will include a mobile app that will allow users to generate their own responses to these urban wilds, with image, text, and sound, and an interactive website, that will showcase participant content. The project’s community engagement is built upon its extensive local and regional partnerships, social media outreach, and the development of location-based learning tools for high school and college students.

Wander, Wonder, Wilderness is an empowering opportunity to crowdsource diverse content and catalyze a collective dialogue around the significance of green spaces in an urban environment. As our progressively technological world pulls us away from the natural environment, it also provides a creative opportunity to consider what is at stake not just for our communities, but also for our increasingly urbanized global ecology.

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