Guggenheim’s Participatory City

This Fall the Guggenheim Museum through the BMW Guggenheim lab in NYC is mounting an exhibit called Participatory City – a global project aimed at raising awareness of important urban challenges and inspiring an ongoing conversation in cities around the world. Following its presentations in New York, Berlin, and Mumbai, the Lab will hold an exhibition to examine the major themes and ideas that emerged in those three cities. The range of ideas generated are cited in 100 Urban Trends. Many focus on sustainability initiatives and design trends as well as citizen activism and engagement towards the improvement of urban experience, through innovative economic, cultural, and political problem solving. # 46 Green Space stuck out to me as most connected to the goals of our project. An accompanying experiment running this Summer called Testing, Testing! will be measuring the mental, emotional, and physiological effects of a range of urban environments. Charles Montgomery and Colin Ellard, the lab team members who designed the experiment, found that green spaces proved to calm participants and elicited positive emotions and higher levels of concentration.

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