Green education

I have been researching green education initiatives and have found some impressive programs both locally and globally. Here in Boston, Greenovate supports Mayor Menino’s Climate Action Plan (to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020 among other goals). Two Greenovate Fellows have been appointed to engage residents, businesses and institutions in greening lifestyles, operations and commutes. Part of this outreach entails working with the Boston Public Schools. I am excited to learn that there is a charter school here in Boston dedicated to green education, providing vocational training for the green economy as well as skills to participate in civic initiatives to increase sustainability of public schools. Nationally, Earthforce and the Green Schools Connect program systematically advance sustainability in school districts. Internationally, there is the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) whose Eco-Schools initiative seeks to empower students through action oriented learning. Thus far 49 countries, 2670 schools and 1.75 million participants have taken part in FEE’s education for sustainable development program. As the negative effects of climate change and global warming will take an even greater toll on the next generation it is heartening and inspiring to see these young people being given the opportunity to help us find viable solutions and take productive action.

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