How to connect kids with Nature:

I really listened carefully to this insightful broadcast [link] by CBC host and environmental advocate David Suzuki. He persuasively explains why overprotective parents and the lure of technology are resulting in a generation of kids who are growing up disconnected from nature. He also spoke about how he’s hoping to inspire Canadians to change their habits with his 30×30 Nature Challenge – a project that aims to get kids and adults alike to spend 30 minutes in nature for 30 days. This is one of the core goals of Wander, Wonder, Wilderness, though we are using technology as a lure and as a creative tool. The potential for mobile technology as a field journal, poetic audio and video recorder, sketch pad, and ultimately a network enabled sharing device provides an outlet for the creative urges inspired by green spaces. Making this experience accessible to young people who are not otherwise encouraged to spend enough time in nature is a primary aim of our project.

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